Business Plan

Products and Services

Describe in depth your products or services (technical specifications, drawings, photos, sales brochures, and other bulky items.

What factors will give you competitive advantages or disadvantages? Examples include level of quality or unique or proprietary features.

What are the pricing, fee, or leasing structures of your products or services?

Include details and studies used in your business plan; for example:

  •  Brochures and advertising materials
  •  Industry studies
  •  Blueprints and plans
  •  Maps and photos of location
  •  Magazine or other articles
  •  Detailed lists of equipment owned or to be purchased
  •  Copies of leases and contracts
  •  Letters of support from future customers
  •  Any other materials needed to support the assumptions in this plan
  •  Market research studies
  •  List of assets available as collateral for a loan